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7 the most haunted place in east asia


Hotel Yun Shan Fan Dian, China

A hotel that is supposedly very scary because the place is also home to the spirits of curiosity which often manifest themselves. The most famous ghost is a man in Western clothes and a woman dressed in ancient Chinese empire, which always appeared at the end of the eighth floor corridor. Sometimes, there are also some ghost sightings at once dressed in ancient China, which often makes visitors feel frightened.


Freeway Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

A freeway in Hong Kong who has recorded number of traffic accidents is very high since 1978. Many were told that the high number of accidents caused by a ghost who suddenly appeared in front of the car, which makes the driver had to swerve suddenly to avoid bumping into these figures.


Aokigahara, Japan

Located on the slopes of Mount Fuji, this forest is known as the largest in Japan’s suicide. Hundreds of people have gone to the forest to kill themselves in the midst of lush trees and vines. So many who ended his life in this forest, the government does not publish the number of bodies found every year, for fear that these figures will encourage people to commit suicide. However, according to local sources, in 2004 alone, there were 108 people commit suicide there. I was so worried about this phenomenon, in the surrounding forest widely installed warning signs to try to make the victims think again, like “Your life is a precious gift”.

According to one legend during famine in ancient Japan, many elderly people, people with the disease, and young children are abandoned in this place, because the family was not able to feed them. People abandoned this will eventually die of starvation. Ghosts are spirits who died by suicide and abandoned by her family very often manifest themselves in Aokigahara, makes this location into one of the most haunted places in the world.

4.Lokasi Paling Angker

Bagua Building, Taiwan

One of the most haunted locations on the south coast of Taiwan coast, close to Green Island stands an ancient building that looks similar to bagua.

Reportedly, that is where political prisoners were exiled and tortured, so until now their spirits are still angry and often disturbing.

5.Kisah Rumah Sakit Jiwa yang Angker di Korea Selatan

Gwangju, South Korea

Gwangju – South Korea synonymous with beautiful scenery or artists K-Pop. some places there actually famous haunted and so a test of guts. One of them is the Gonjiam Mental Hospital.

Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital in the city of Gwangju, one of the largest cities in South Korea. Hospitals soul is in the hills and surrounded by lush forests. For the people of South Korea alone, the Mental Hospital Gonjiam already famous haunted!

Gonjiam Mental Hospital has been established since the mid-1950s. The hospital accommodates patients who experience mental illness, until the soldiers who experienced depression. However, the Mental Hospital Gonjiam finally closed about 15 years ago.

Rumors many patients who died unnaturally there. But other news mentions, mental hospital waste management are not maintained properly so it increasingly uncomfortable to be occupied.

Apart from that, the impression is very felt haunted so you stand in front Gonjiam Mental Hospital. The building really is not neglected and seemed abandoned. Parts of it are crumbling and peeling paint on the walls. Some medical equipment and patient beds are also still there.

Actually, at the front of the Mental Hospital Gonjiam already placed signs are prohibited from entering into it. Still, a curious tourist who easily broke through the fence and explore Gonjiam Mental Hospital. Please be careful because there is no guide at all.

Usually the tourists who come there during the day. When the sunlight, which is able to illuminate the inside of the hospital, even though some of the hallways still looks dark and damp. Haunted impression really feels.

Some tourists claim to see apparitions and voices in there. Nevertheless, the impression of the armature at the Mental Hospital Gonjiam is on the building is old and unkempt.

Each year, there were about 1,000 tourists who come there to test your nerve. Some of them also spent time with photographing every corner of the hospital. If you are interested in coming, the good do not come alone!


Ordos, Mongolia near the desert

Empty city dwellers or commonly known as a ghost town in the old days are common due to natural disasters or outbreaks. In the current era, this ghost town could refer to Kangbashi district in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. Mining town rich in parts of the country almost uninhabited though it was built since 2004 at a cost of nearly US $ 2.6 billion.
That said, Kangbashi earmarked one million inhabitants is not desirable because of the lack of entertainment facilities, cable TV, and internet. In fact, the authorities had built government buildings, museums, libraries, and other public facilities.

7.istana himeji

Himeji Castle, Japan

Himeji Castle is known for having a foot tower that became the location for Donjon. Donjon is an act of Hara-kiri Maru is often done by the Japanese population to kill themselves because they already made a mistake. But the famous story in this palace is the story Okiku. Okiku is a beautiful girl who worked in the palace but he died mutilated and discarded because of betrayal, hurt and humiliation that make Okiku ghost is still hanging around in Himeji at the early time of the day. Intend to see him?



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